Specials Offers

We have several special offers for specific types of clients, or for clients who use us for multiple services.  All of our current special offers are listed below.

New Business Services

We offer a special package of services specifically for businesses in the first 24 months of operation that includes a free startup consultation, discounted tax return preparation, and a free month of either bookkeeping or payroll service.  Click here to learn more

CPA "Upgrade" Offer

Have you had a less-than-positive experience with another CPA?  Alternatively, has your business or tax situation changed or grown in a way that your current CPA is not well-equipped to handle?  For new clients switching to our firm from another CPA, we will conduct a free review of your prior year's tax return to make sure that everything is in order.

New Client Offer

For any new client of our firm for any service, we offer a flat 10% discount on your first service.

Free Notary Service

We offer a free notary service to the general public (appointments required).  Contact our office to make an appointment--availability may be limited during the busy tax season. 

Bookkeeping/Tax Prep Combo Offer

For small business clients who use our firm for both bookkeeping and tax preparation, we offer a 10% discount on our monthly bookkeeping service. 

Free Cloud Storage

We offer all our clients free, secure storage and transfer of sensitive documents through our online portal.